In December 2008 in Zhanaul village "RubiKOM" launched a feed mill. Investment money to start the project amounted to more than 500,000,000.00 tenge. The project was brought into being by Trilis company specialists in cooperation with Chinese Muyang company. The whole mill construction (i. e. laying the foundation, mounting of metallic construction, equipment installation, starting up activities) took 9 months. When constructing the mill there were built in high requirements to the quality of the mixed feed produced and were considered the modern production technology.

The area of the mill has a drier for corns that runs on Chinese coal technology. It has a grain elevator, storehouses for raw resources and for finished products with one-time store capacity of 9.4 thousand tons. Our feed mill features high-tech complex equipped with up-to-date computer control systems that enable precise dispensing and mixing to eliminate the human factor.

A mill major item of production is all-in-one feed of high quality for agricultural animals, poultry, and fish of any age. The products are produced in scattered format and granulated made according to the unique technology that can guarantee high quality of feed and protein-, vitamin- and mineral additives.

Total output volume of the mill (20tons/hour) can provide major poultry- and swine-breeding farms and agricultural enterprises with all-in-one, balanced, and safe feed. The feed range is not limited. Using computer you can enter any compound and form of the product. At present, 19 feed items are produced including those for the own livestock complex of LLC "RubiKOM". Flexible production system makes it possible to comply with the clients' individual receipt requirements and/or using clients components.

The mill is eager to expand its market while guaranteeing continuous delivery, high quality, and efficiency of available products. Our company is ready to study and discuss any special offers for mutually beneficial cooperation.